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Office Manager

Meet Sarah, our clinic's organizational wizard. With a knack for seamless scheduling and prompt responses, she ensures your appointments are stress-free.


Sarah's attention to detail and dedication make her an essential part of our team. Her passion for our clinic's success shines through in every patient interaction. Let Sarah make your clinic experience exceptional.

Sarah's Tid-Bit

Hey there, lovely patients!

I'm Sarah, the multitasking marvel behind the scenes at our cozy chiropractic clinic. If you've ever wondered who's the friendly voice on the other end of the phone or the smiling face at the front desk, that's me!

My mission? Making your visit as smooth as a freshly adjusted spine. I'm like a ninja when it comes to scheduling – always finding that perfect appointment time that suits you. Need a quick email response? Phone call? I'm on it like a dog chasing its tail (speaking of which, have I mentioned Marcus yet? Prepare for puppy pics!).

I'm a self-proclaimed task queen. My secret weapons? Colorful highlighters, sticky notes, and pens. But let's be real, yellow highlighters and sticky notes? Total crimes against stationery!

On my days off, you'll find me nose-deep in a fantasy book or chilling with my canine companion, Marcus. Beware, though – ask me about him, and I'll unleash a photo barrage like a new parent!

Not only do I adore my job, but I'm also head over heels for our fantastic team. We're a tight-knit crew, and I can't help but gush about our office plants – most of which I adopted and nurture like my green little babies. They're so lush and happy that even our patients notice!

So, whether you're a long-time patient or a curious newcomer, I'm here to make your experience at our clinic exceptional. And remember, showing me pictures of your dog earns you some major bonus points in my book! 

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