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Registered Massage Therapist

Get to know Barb Price, our dedicated and compassionate massage therapist at Heritage Mountain Massage. With a warm and nurturing approach, Barb creates a welcoming and relaxing environment for her clients. Her journey in massage therapy began over a decade ago, driven by a deep passion for helping others achieve wellness and balance.


Through her extensive experience and continuous professional development, Barb has honed her skills in various massage techniques, specializing in therapeutic and relaxation treatments.


With a keen intuition and a healing touch, Barb tailors each session to address her clients' unique needs, whether it's reducing muscle tension or promoting stress relief. Trust Barb to provide the nurturing care you deserve on your path to a healthier you

Welcome to Heritage Mountain Massage, an independent massage therapy practice operating within Healing Hands Chiropractic in Port Moody. We prioritize your overall well-being, believing that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand. Our dedicated team is proud to introduce Barbara Price, a licensed and accredited Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with over a decade of experience.


Barbara, operating under the business name Heritage Mountain Massage, offers comprehensive massage therapies to clients in the Port Moody area. She is a valued member of The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia and the Massage Therapists' Association of BC, ensuring that you receive professional care.

At Heritage Mountain Massage, Barbara addresses a wide range of needs, including muscle spasms, joint pain, and injury recovery. Her personalized treatments are designed to help you regain your optimal well-being, providing relief and promoting healing.

Whether you're seeking therapeutic benefits or simply looking to relax and unwind, our treatments will guide you towards a healthier you. Experience the benefits of professional massage therapy with Barbara Price, right here at Healing Hands Chiropractic.

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